SWL 9.046

Saran buat teman-teman monitor Radio Taiwan International siaran Bahasa Indonesia (RTISI). Receiver ini lumayan dipakai sebagai sarana memantau, tidak hanya siaran RTISI, tetapi juga siaran stasiun lain di jalur SW.
Dengan receiver ini saya pantau RTISI di 11915 kHz pada jam 12:19 UTC tanggal 25 Januari 2017 dengan hasil tidak berbeda bila saya memakai receiver digital, SINPO 55544.
Kemudian pantauan di 9735 kHz pada jam 14:13 UTC pada hari yang sama, SINPO 54433
Harga di beberapa online shops sekitar USD25
Salam 73



SWL 9.045

1485153464629Cheetah Radio

Qsl received in 108 days for report sent to radio@cheetahlearning.com –

May 30, 2009 at 11885 kHz via Wertachtal, Germany.

SWL 9.044

1485153535133Little Saigon Radio

QSL card received in 7 months for report sent to radio@littlesaigonradio.com followed by a reminder at http://www.littlesaigonradio.com – heard at 7390 kHz via Tainan, Taiwan.

SWL 9.043


VOA Radiogram

E-qsl received for report sent to ibcast@mail2kim.com – Apr. 06, 2013 at 17860 kHz via Greenville, USA.

SWL 9.042

Radio Santec at 15750 kHz via Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia – QSL received in 12 days for report sent to info@radio-santec.com

The Overcomer Ministry at 9595 kHz via Pori, Finland – QSL received in 11 days for report sent to overcomer@overcomerministry.com

SWL 9.041

NWS412.docx January 18, 2017

QSL of the week.

Thank you, Adrian.

SWL 9.040

img_20170120_210210BBC relay station, Aseela, Oman

E-qsl received in 3 days for report on Hindi language of BBC World Service sent to rebers@omantel.net.om

SWL 9.039


Radio Sadaye Zindagi

Qsl received in 35 days for broadcast in Dari transmitted via Erevan, Armenia reported to info@afghanradio.org


SWL 9.038

Australia Broadcasting Corporation

Local Radio Queensland special broadcast during Tropical Cyclone Yasi.


Report at http://www.abc.net.au/ra and QSL card received in 3 months.

SWL 9.037

From my logbook 2012 –

1. Victor Goonetilleke, February 18, 2012
“One’s reputation is paramount in our hobby”.

2. Marie Lamb via Cumbre DX, September 2, 2012
1995 present at the creation of “Cumbre”. Originally called “Jihad DX” by Hans Johnson in the sense of “supreme effort” instead of “holy war”. World Harvest Radio appreciated Hans about making it into a radio show, but asking for name change, as one of their staff member from Middle East pointed out that “Jihad DX” might be misconstrued by many people. Still wanting something connote high quality, Hans went to Spanish language and came up with “Cumbre DX”.