SWL 9.036


Radio Veritas Asia

Qsl received in 100 days following report to rvaprogram@rveritas-asia.org


SWL 9.035

WYFR Family Radio

Reported via AWR Wavescan 2011 “Choose a Channel” DX Contest


SWL 9.034

Government of Japan to the Japanese people being abducted and still captive in North Korea.

Shortwave Korean program “il bon ue balam (Nippon no Kaze)” via Palau img_20170120_104750reported to info@rachi.go.jp

SWL 9.033

Adventist World Radio

Special QSL – relay via Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Reported to adrian@awr.org and wavescan@awr.org


SWL 9.032


Via Sitkunai, Lithuania1484879574648

Received in 24 days following report to mail@rmrc.de



SWL 9.031

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corp

Qsl received in 24 days for report sent to victor.goonetilleke@gmail.com

Thank you, sir.


SWL 9.030

Radio Netherlands Worldwide


Farewell broadcasts reported to letters@rnw.nl –

1. May 11, 2012 at 21485 kHz via MadagascarDutch service, QSL received in 46 days

2. Jun. 29, 2012 at 6065 kHz via WertachtalEnglish service, QSL received in 34 days


SWL 9.029


QSL on Japan Short Wave Club’s 60th anniversary broadcast via Montsinéry, French Guiana. Look at that QSL number – e001! 🙏

SWL 9.028

Radio Waves International, France

via Sitkunai, Lithuania


SWL 9.027

1484295660614The Mighty KBC, Netherlands

Qsl card received in 48 days for report sent by registered mail.